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Opening a Miriade shop

The new design concept was conceived to convey an elegant and contemporary perception of space; the furniture in its versatility, designed to be the frame that changes as the product changes, is the answer to the current scenario of change that increasingly characterises the international market.
The elements characterised by essential lines are incorporated within the wall, becoming the discreet backdrop of a protagonist merchandise, the new layout has been interpreted as the scenography where the collections play the main part.

The use of materials with textured finishes similar to industrial concrete, the chromatic contrast between the minimalist colours used, and the cut of light that crosses the furnishings are the summary of the design aesthetic essence that conveys a clean and essential perception. Through the space thus designed and the product presentation aimed at creating a comfortable and welcoming shopping experience, Miriade communicates its design philosophy. In this concept, all the needs of use and enjoyment of the brands are brought together in which the collections are highlighted in their diverse range while expressing the unique elegance of Miriade's identity.

In addition, the Miriade formula offers:

  • Guaranteed margin
  • Payment only for sales
  • Top location from 120 to 130 sqm (net sales)
  • Concept store cost 575 per sqm (furniture, floor and lighting)
  • Bank guarantee of 50,000 euros
  • Total return at end of season
  • Company management software
  • Automatic replenishment of merchandise
  • Start-up assistance
  • Constant commercial support
  • Visual merchandising & operation
  • Retail marketing activities

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