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Terms and conditions


The seller is the company Miriade spa with registered office in Piazza Dei Martire n. 30 – 80120 Napoli – Register of Companies VAT number 07631370637 and tax code 03371431218 REA – NA - 610434 (hereinafter referred to as “Miriade”).
The process of sale on the Website was implemented in full compliance with legislation regarding distance selling, electronic commerce, and particularly with respect to the Italian Consumer Code (Italian Legislative Decree number 206 September 6th, 2005).
The following provisions establish the general terms of sale (hereinafter, for brevity, “Terms and Conditions”) which regulate the contractual agreement between Miriade and the customer (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”) concerning distance selling in the Italian territory of products offered on the Website.
The Customer shall ask for information and send communication by contacting Miriade customer service at the email address help@miriade.com or to the postal address of Miriade - Interporto lotto C A19-A20-A21 80035 Nola (NA).

Acceptance of the offer
Acceptance and confirmation of the order is improved through entry of required data in the following stages:

  1. Adding chosen Products to the cart;
  2. Validation of cart;
  3. Indication of personal details + choice of delivery method;
  4. Precontractual information;
  5. Acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions;
  6. Selection of payment method.
    Until the stage preceding payment, it is possible to amend the order by clicking on the cart icon in the top.
    In case of payment with credit card, final acceptance of the order on the Website from the Customer is made by entering card details (credit card number and expiry date).
    In case of cash on delivery payment, final acceptance from the Customer implies commitment to receive and pay the goods.
    In case of payment with PayPal, final acceptance from the Customer is made by entering required details on the PayPal website and is considered complete only after “adequate” status from the PayPal operating system.

Products and prices

  1. Products
    The products subject of the contractual agreement regulated by Terms and Conditions are all the articles visible on the Website, specifically leather products, textile product, bags, shoes and accessories (hereinafter referred to as “Products”), shown on the Website at the time of the order. Only the products shown on the Website can be ordered. In case of promotions with specific duration the Customer is required to pay attention to time limits and validity of these.

  2. Fares
    Selling price of Products offered on the Website, indicated in euros (unless otherwise specified), is that in force at the time of the order registration by the Customer. Prices include the VAT rate applicable the day of the order and any change in this rate will be automatically applied to the price of the Products sold by Miriade on the Website.
    Prices do not include shipping charges, which add to the price of purchased Products and vary depending on the order amount. Shipping charges will be specified before order confirmation by the Customer, therefore before proceeding to payment.
    Products selling prices can me modified by Miriade at any time, with the understanding that the price applicable to the contractual agreement with the Customer will be the one in force and shown on the Website at the time of registration of the order by the Customer.

  3. Product characteristics
    The Products subject of the contractual agreement regulated by the present Terms and Conditions are all the articles visible on the Website at the time of the order; in compliance with articles 52 and 53 of the Consumer Code, the company Miriade provides consumers with information on Products and makes them aware of the totality of primary characteristics of Products offered (sizes, colours, composition, description, etc.) and of price, taxes and charges included.
    Prior to the order, the Customer has access to the essential characteristics of the Product(s) he/she would like to purchase on the Website. Moreover, Product characteristics will be visible through photos published on the Website which represent as precisely as possible the items. Photos are not part of the contractual agreement between the parties. The Customer recognises that the photos of the Product shown on the Website are for reference only. There can be some edits due to processing of the photos.
    Availability of Products sold on the Website is automatically updated but, if the Website is being visited contemporarily by more users, simultaneous purchases may imply that a Product shown as available has just become sold out. In such cases a notification will be sent to the Customer’s email address and the amount charged to the Customer (product price and related shipping charges if applicable) will be refunded according to the procedures described in the “Payments” section.
    Miriade reserves the right to change the product range based on obligations deriving from relationships with its suppliers.

  4. Specific conditions of offers on Miriade.com
    With regards to special sales, particularly end of season sales, promotional sales, below-cost sales and other operations, applied discount will be proportionally distributed on the value of each article.

The order

Purchase order placement on the Website implies total and absolute prior knowledge of present Terms and Conditions and integral acceptance of these. The Customer should print and save electronically a copy of said Terms and Conditions.
Terms and Conditions which apply to the contractual agreement between Miriade and the Customer are those published on the Website www.miriade.com at the time of order placement.

Miriade reserves the right to modify Terms and Conditions at any time.
Every order made by the Customer through online payment will be taken into consideration by Miriade only after acceptance of payment and confirmation from the payment gateway.

Miriade will send to the Customer one or more order confirmation email(s) containing all the order details and information required by Law:
• Detailed indication of price, payment method utilized, payment instrument chosen, delivery charges, delivery terms;
• Information and instructions on right of withdrawal and related costs and legal guarantees;
• Additional precontractual information as required by Law;
• A summary of present Terms and Conditions.
Sale will be considered finalised only after the confirmation email is sent to the Customer, availability of the product is validated, and payment of the related price is made by the Customer.
The order is amendable until the step prior to payment, by clicking on the cart icon at the top.
Once it is confirmed, the order cannot be amended online anymore, neither in terms of articles nor in terms of delivery address, except the right of withdrawal for the Customer in any case.
After making payment, the Customer can cancel the order within 24 hours by contacting customer care.
Miriade recommends its Customers keep the order confirmation email in electronic form or in printed form.
Miriade sells Products present on its Website only retail and to final consumers.
Every order clearly not corresponding to retail and in general every fraudulent or presumably fraudulent order will be considered invalid by Miriade.
It should be noted that the offer of the products and/or Services on the Site is addressed exclusively to natural persons of age or minors between the ages of 16 and 18 with the authorization and/or under the supervision of a parent or guardian and/or legal entities, who do not intend to sell and/or market them as part of any business activity; therefore, Miriade reserves the right not to accept orders from subjects - including Dealers - who, due to the quantity of products ordered, the frequency and continuity of the orders and the frequency of the same or other elements that will be evaluated by Miriade from time to time, it is assumed that they intend to sell and/or market them to third parties as part of their business activity.
The resale or transfer for any commercial or professional purpose of the products purchased on the Website is expressly prohibited.

Miriade reserves the right to decline orders coming from:
(i) A Customer with whom Miriade has or had legal dispute;
(ii) A Customer who was involved in any kind of fraud and particularly fraud related to credit card payments;
(iii) A Customer who releases false, incomplete or inaccurate identification data;
(iv) Backlist Customers;
(v) If it has emerged that the Customer purchases the Products for the purpose of reselling or transferring them for commercial or professional purposes.

Order confirmation and storage

The order number will be communicated to the Customer after acceptance of the transaction from the bank or following click on “cash on delivery” payment method. Order confirmation will be sent by email and will include Terms and Conditions and terms and procedures concerning the right of withdrawal.

If one or more Product(s) are unavailable Miriade will send an email to the Customer to inform him/her and refund the price of the Product and the shipping charges within 10 days.

Orders are stored in our server for 10 years starting from the last order. At any time, the Customer can access the order details by sending an email to help@miriade.com.
In order to access the order form, the Customer will have to log in to his/her account area. The instructions overview on access to the order form will be present in every order confirmation email.

In order to receive the invoice, the Customer will have to request it at the time of the order by sending an email to pay@miriade.com.


Miriade.com accept the following payment methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Cash on delivery (COD) (only in Italy)
  • Satispay

*Other payment methods are not accepted by Miriade.com
Payment must be made by the Customer at the time of the online order or cash on delivery directly to the courier at the time of delivery of the parcel. At no point amounts paid can be considered instalments or deposits. All orders are paid in euros.


The Customer may pay the order with credit card, simple and secure method for online purchases. Miriade accepts the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro and PostePay.
Miriade guarantees maximum security thanks to the most utilized encryption solution in the market. In fact, by clicking on the owned credit card, the Customer will be redirected to the payment website supervised by the company Adyen that implements the security standard SSL. Confidential data are transmitted with encryption to Adyen. For further information you can visit www.adyen.com.
In the context of fraud prevention, Miriade employs 3D Secure payment for orders paid with credit cards Visa and MasterCard. 3D Secure (also called Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode) is a payment system with authentication that allows to reinforce the security during online purchases. At the time of payment, the bank of the Customer verifies the identity of the card owner before confirming the transaction.
After entering the card details, the Customer will be redirected on the website of his/her bank where he/she will be required to identify his/her-self.
Each bank has its own procedure, that can for example require birth date, a code received by SMS or to answer a personal question.
For security purposes, Miriade reserves the right to request a photocopy of the ID and/or credit card of the Customer for purchases made with credit card (recto – only the first 4 and the last 2 digits – and verso).


All transactions are safely processed in order to guarantee maximum security of personal data to Miriade.com Customers. Miriade.com Customer’s financial information (credit card number, credit card expiry date and other personal data) will be exclusively dealt with by Adyen and will never be retained and/or known by Miriade.com.


When choosing bank transfer as payment method, following the order the Customer will instantaneously receive a confirmation email with the bank details of Miriade.com. The goods will be stored until the bank transfer will be received on the bank account. The Customer shall send a copy of the payment made by email within 48 hours after receiving the order confirmation to the email address pay@miriade.com. If the bank transfer is not made within the said period, it will be automatically cancelled. The order will be given to the forwarder for shipment only after reception of the transfer on the bank account.


If the Customer has a PayPal account, he/she can pay the order directly online. After choosing the payment method the Customer will be redirected to the PayPal website. The Customer will be required to enter his/her details and proceed with payment. With PayPal, the Customer’s bank details are never communicated to Miriade. PayPal protects the Customer’s card number with an encrypted system.
Miriade reserves the right to ship goods only to the address of destination shown on the PayPal verified account.


This type of payment is only permitted for shipments in Italy. After the goods are given to the forwarder (SDA), the courier arranges delivery. Following the required waiting times for the order dispatch, the courier will proceed with shipment. At the time of delivery, the Customer can pay exclusively in cash. The Customer is expected to have on hand the exact amount for payment as the forwarder is unable to give change. Additional cost for this payment method is 6,00 euros.

Control against fraud of credit cards
In the context of fraud prevention, Miriade employs 3D Secure payment for orders paid with credit cards Visa and MasterCard.

In order to secure payments made by the Customers on the Website, Miriade has the right to verify personal details provided by the Customer and take the necessary measures (request for supporting documents or order cancellation). Miriade verifies that the person owning the bank account where charges are refunded is the same person who made the order, to avoid fraudulent uses of bank cards.

The Customer guarantees to Miriade that he/she has all the necessary authorizations to use the payment method chosen at the time of the order registration.

Miriade reserves the right to suspend or cancel every order and/or delivery, regardless of the type and status, in case of non-payment of the amount due payable by the Customer, payment incidents, fraud or fraud attempt related to utilization of the Website.

After ten days since the invoice date or notification of rejection of bank payment or any other type of payment, the legal interest rate with three points increase will be applicable to the payable amount.

Shipment of every other new order might be suspended in case of late payment of the previous order.



Miriade.com ships in Italy and Worldwide with services Crono Express and Crono International by Poste Italiane forwarder SDA Express Courier. Products branded Valentino can only be shipped to the following countries: geographical Europe, ex USSR countries. Such products absolutely cannot be shipped to Canada and United States.

  • Delivery within 1-2 working days to all the national territory.
  • Home delivery or pickup from one of the roughly 10.000 qualified post offices or Punto Poste
  • Flexible delivery (on Saturdays, in the evening, by appointment, deliver to neighbour, etc.)
  • You can choose amongst many ancillary services to customize your delivery depending on your needs
  • In case of absent recipient, the services guarantee two automatic delivery attempts
  • The dispatch can be then collected at the post office
  • Free storage in a post office in case of absent recipient
  • Customization of delivery with Scegli Tu

Delivery is made, upon Customer’s request, to:

  • The recipient’s domicile (Home Delivery)
  • A post office with Fermo Posta service or mailbox (Fermo Posta)
  • One of the points of Puntoposte (Collect point and/or Locker)
    The list of Post Offices which provide the Fermo Posta service and the list of Puntoposte collet points are available at www.poste.it.
    Scegli Tu is the new feature of Poste which offers an alternative delivery model. By following the link provided through the alert with the shipping status, the recipient can choose one of the enabled options: delivery on different date, delivery to another address, delivery to neighbour, pickup from post office, PuntoPoste or PuntoPoste Locker, delivery to safe place, storage for holidays.

Parcel pickup options:

  • HOME DELIVERY: You can track the shipping status at any time with the tracking code that we will send you: type this code in the tab “Search shipments” of the website www.poste.it, or with the email which will directly notify the status of the shipment. The order has been dispatched but you gave the wrong address? You want to amend it for other reasons? You are not available for pickup? No problem: we have the SCEGLI TU service. You can access the service directly from your shipment and you can amend and customize the delivery, you can receive your order where and when you want. To find out how it works click on Scegli Tu. For any further assistance necessities please contact the helpline 803.160.
  • PICKUP POINTS: This is the widespread network of Poste Italiane which includes: qualified Post Offices (over 12.000 all over Italy), businesses (around 3.000) members (e.g. tobacco shops) which offer pickup services and parcel shipments and, for small parcels, also Lockers (around 350) – automated kiosks self-service 24/7 - (come funziona il Locker). To pick up from:
    o Qualified post offices, provide the operator with the code sent by Poste via email
    o PICKUP POINTS, provide the operator with the PIN code (sent by Poste via email)
    o LOCKER enter the PIN code (sent by Poste via email) on the screen.
    o To find and choose the qualified Post Office and/or Punto Poste where you want to receive the parcel, click on Cerca PuntoPoste

Delivery time

Delivery is made indicatively within 1-2 working days from dispatch to most of Italian locations. Delivery times vary depending on the location of destination of the shipment and these can be verified in the specific section of the website www.poste.it and/or at the helpline 800.160.000. Fermoposta shipments are available also on Saturdays, during the opening hours of the post offices. Please check qualified post offices with Fermoposta service and the locations and opening hours of Lockers and Pickup Points of Rete PuntoPoste network.

Delivery attempts

In case of absent recipient, the service guarantees two automatic delivery attempts. In case of non-delivery at the first attempt, the forwarder provides a notice to inform the recipient that a second delivery will be attempted the following working day. In case of absent recipient also at the second attempt, the forwarder will leave in the mailbox a notice with the references of the post office where the recipient will have the possibility to pick up the parcel in the following 10 working days, Saturday included.


Crono International offers the possibility to get to over 200 countries with the support of 700.000 post offices abroad for pickup of shipments in case of absent recipient.
Delivery time
Crono International delivery can be made upon request to the domicile of the recipient or to the foreign post office through Fermoposta service or to mailbox in the countries which are provided with the service.

Europe: 3 working days, after the day of dispatch (for some postcodes of Norway and Portugal 3-5 working days after the day of dispatch).
Rest of the world: 3-5 working days after the day of dispatch (except customs formalities).
Delivery attempts
In case of absent recipient, the service guarantees one/two delivery attempts, depending on the Country of destination. Delivery will be made anyhow on the terms of the postal operator of the destination, which also regulates hypotheses of non-delivery and release. In case of absent recipient, the forwarder leaves in the mailbox of the recipient a notice of non-delivery including date and time of the delivery attempt, office where the parcel is stored in and pickup deadline. Non-delivered parcels are stored for free by the foreign post offices for on average 15 days (Saturdays and public holidays included). The number of delivery attempts for each country is provided for in the Country Sheets published on the website www.poste.it or can be requested at the customer care helpline 800.160.000.


You can check the delivery status anytime by using the tracking service. After the order dispatch you will receive a confirmation message and/or email with your tracking code for checking and/or reschedule the shipment. Alternatively, you can verify the delivery status in real time in the section of the side “My Account”. Smart Alert informs you of the shipment status by sending a message, via SMS and/or email.


In compliance with article 63 of the Consumer Code, clause I, as amended by Italian Legislative Decree 21/2014, in contracts which make the seller liable to provide for shipment of the goods, risk of loss or damage to the goods, for reasons non attributable to the seller, is transferred to the consumer only when this latter, or a third designated person different from the carrier, come physically into possession of the goods.

Returns and refunds

Miriade.com wishes to guarantee complete satisfaction of its Clients, by offering them the possibility to return one or more items and receive a refund equal to the price of the returned items. The return must necessarily take place at the expense and under the responsibility of the Customer within 30 days following delivery and only on the condition that returned items result intact and unused.


In order to return one or more items to Miriade.com, the Customer must respect some mandatory conditions:

  1. The Items that have any sign of use or wear will not be accepted and will be returned to the client.
  2. The items need to be returned under the same conditions in which they were shipped to the customer and must be wrapped and packed properly.
  3. All the other labels of the item, both in tissue and pending, must never be removed from the article.
  4. The goods to be returned must be handed over only to Courier within 30 days from the date of delivery.
  5. The customer who wishes to undertake size, colour or item change, of equal or higher amount, must perform “The Return Procedure”, see below, and make a new order on the site Galianostore.com.

In view of the failure to comply with the conditions listed above, Miriade.com reserves the right not to accept the goods delivered and to return them to the Customer at the expense of the latter.


The Customer is supposed to follow the instructions listed on the form attached to the parcel or the instructions for returns and refunds placed inside the parcel. The parcel shall be sent to the following address: Miriade S.p.A. Returns Department – Interporto lotto C A19-A20-A21 80035 Nola (NA) – phone number +39 0818266701
Return handling options:

  • PICK UP AT YOUR DOMICILE: bookable at the helpline 803.160
    o From POST OFFICES enabled with parcel inclusive of specific shipping label provided by the seller
    o From PICKUP POINTS with parcel inclusive of specific shipping label provided by the seller
    o From LOCKERS with parcel inclusive of specific shipping label provided by the seller
    o To find enabled post offices and pickup points click on Cerca PuntoPoste

It is possible to ship parcels at qualified post offices or at one of the qualified Puntoposte (list published on the website www.poste.it) or through the house pickup service (Pick-up), which can be scheduled at the helpline 803.160.
The Customer can verify the status of his/her shipments the free electronic identification service Tracking&Tracing by Poste (T&T), available on the website www.poste.it from the working day following the day of acceptance or through the Contact Centre at the number 800.160.000 or through Technological Solutions used by the Customer.
The shipment is at the expense and risk of the Customer: Miriade.com is not responsible for any eventual loss or damage caused by inadequate packaging or delivery delay. Items must be returned in the same packaging as they were received in or in the same type of packaging.
All returned items will be examined by the Miriade.com staff that will verify compliance to the conditions and considerations listed in the return procedure. Miriade.com reserves the right to assess additional charges if they prove necessary to ensure the resale of the returned items. These amounts will be determined after the evaluation of the condition of the returned items and communicated to the Customer.
The Customer is required to utilize exclusively the Crono Reverse shipping label for shipments of returns. It is understood that the following returns will not be accepted, with consequent charge of related fees for the Customers, if sent:

  1. With different documentation from Crono Reverse;
  2. 30 days after receiving the goods, for any reason.
  3. In accordance with article 1381 of the Civil Code, the Customer commits to:
    a) shipping items at the qualified post offices or asking for Pick-up service;
    b) packing the parcel respecting the instructions contained in the Shipment Guidelines and the packaging instructions of Crono Reverse;
    c) clearly and correctly indicating the Sender’s and the Recipient’s addresses on the outer envelope of the parcel;
    d) accompanying every parcel with the specific shipping label, prepared in compliance with the present CGC
    The sorting and delivery operations are carried out on the basis of data indicated by the Sender on the shipping label; it is therefore fundamental that the Sender uses the shipping label sent by Miriade.com, completed and correct, including info related to name and surname of the Sender and the Recipient and address of both, inclusive of postcode (and apartment number or floor if needed to locate the point of delivery). The phone number of the Sender is recommended, in order to allow the Customer Care to contact him/her in case of necessity. Poste Italiane guarantee the correct execution of delivery only if the address is complete and correct. The postcode is an indispensable element to guarantee delivery: automatic sorting is based on the video reading of the postcode, which must be correctly indicated on the shipping label. For big cities, divided into postal areas, the specific postcode must be shown, NOT the generic (e.g. 50134 and NOT 50100).
    Name and address of both the Sender and the Recipient, inclusive of postcode, also must be correctly indicated on the outer envelope of the parcel, that is on a shipping label firmly glued to it. For further safety, it is recommended to indicate the Sender’s and the Recipient’s data (and eventually the shipping label number) also on the box. The present info is merely indicative. Only the Customer is accountable for packaging, labelling and packing the parcels handed over to Poste Italiane. The Customer – Sender is anyhow accountable for eventual damages caused by packaging defects, even if not detected at the time of acceptance.
    Poste deliver from Monday to Friday, Saturdays and bank holidays excluded. Poste commits to delivering in accordance with a delivery objective of four working days following the day of shipment, Saturdays and bank holidays excluded, in compliance with Carta dei Servizi Postali, published on the website www.poste.it. For returns sent for acceptance beyond the time limits established by qualified post offices, namely Puntoposte, delivery is deferred to the day after the one of acceptance. Poste reserves the right to modify parcel delivery standards in case of adverse weather conditions, natural calamities, strikes or any other fact or event not attributable to them by giving written notice to the Customer within the working day (Monday to Friday) following the day of the event, without any additional costs and charges. Respect of delivery objectives is also subject to the Sender’s respect of weight and dimensions requirements and correct preparation of parcels.
    Furthermore, it is possible to return/replace items in Miriade stores. *

*Starting from September 2020


If the return procedure was performed properly, in compliance with all mentioned conditions, the Customer will receive an email of acceptance of occurred return. The reimbursement will usually happen by redirecting the amount due to the processed credit card (if the order was paid by credit card), PayPal account (if the order was paid with PayPal) or wire transfer in the case of bank transfer. A few days could pass between the date of reception of the return and the date of the refund. Refunds are made in the same currency of purchase. Eventual losses caused by financial fluctuations will not be reimbursed.


In accordance with article 52 and following of the Italian Consumer Code (Italian Legislative Decree number 206 September 6th, 2005), the Customer shall have a period of 14 days from reception of Products purchased online to withdraw from the contract without having to provide any reasons.
Download and fill out the following withdrawal form if you wish to withdraw from the contract.

Legal guarantee of conformity

In accordance with article 128 and following of the Italian Consumer Code, Products presenting conformity defects at the time of delivery, which occur within 2 years since delivery and are reported to Miriade within 2 months from detection, can be returned and reparation or replacement can be requested (unless reparation or replacement is not possible or too costly), alternatively the paid price is reduced or the purchase contract is terminated without any additional costs.

The Customer can report conformity defects within the abovementioned closing date by email or to the address Miriade S.p.A. – Interporto lotto C A19-A20-A21 80035 Nola (NA) – phone number +39 0818266701.
Defected Products will have to be shipped to the following address: Miriade S.p.A. Returns Department – Interporto lotto C A19-A20-A21 80035 Nola (NA) – phone number +39 0818266701.

In case of contract termination, the Customer will be refunded for the total amount paid for purchase, delivery charges included.

Reservation of ownership

Miriade conserves total property rights concerning the Products until delivery and payment of full price, costs and taxes included.

Intellectual property

All elements of the Website subject or not to registration of intellectual property rights (photos, Product details, descriptions, layouts, etc.) are exclusive property of MIRIADE and cannot be utilized. All designs, models, trademarks, texts (visual or audio), comments, works, illustrations, images displayed on the Website www.miriade.com are protected by copyright, trademark right and image right and any other applicable intellectual property right.

These elements are property of MIRIADE or its partners. Any type of reproduction or representation not authorized by MIRIADE will imply civil and criminal liability of the author. A user owner of a website and/or blog who wants to publish a link to the homepage of Website www.miriade.com must mandatorily seek prior authorization from MIRIADE.
Links to the Website utilizing “framing” or “in-line linking” techniques are formally forbidden. In any case, every link, even if tolerated, will have to be removed if simply requested by MIRIADE.
Settlement of disputes
If there is a problem with a product which the Customer purchased on the Website Mirade.com, the Customer may contact directly our customer care to the following email address help@miriade.com.

In case of dispute originated from contractual agreement with MIRIADE, parties commit to finding an amicable settlement before taking any legal action.

All disputes concerning Customers’ purchases on the Website will be jurisdiction of the Court of their domicile. The governing Law is the Italian Law.

In accordance with article 49 paragraph 1 letter v) of Italian Legislative Decree number 206 September 6th, 2005 (Consumer Code), we inform you of the possibility to benefit from Joint Settlement Procedure. 45 days after the complaint presented to the company without receiving reply you may activate the abovementioned Procedure.
In case you decide to benefit from Joint Settlement Procedure you will have to forward your request to the email address: conciliazione@consorzionetcomm.it or at the fax number 02/87181126.
For further information: http://www.consorzionetcomm.it/Spazio_Consumatori/Conciliazione-Paritetica/La-Conciliazione-Paritetica.kl

In compliance with European Regulation number 524/201, we inform that the European Commission provides Customers and professionals in UE with the possibility to seek an extra-judicial solution for complaints related to online purchases through the platform for the extra-judicial settlement of online disputes (“ODR platform”): http://ec.europa.eu/odr.

Privacy – Treatment related to sales activities

Privacy Policy in accordance with article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree number 196/2003 and article 13 of the European Union Regulation number 2016/679